Friday, April 18, 2008

JRB Farms

This week's feature is on JRB Farms and their wide selection of organic fruits and vegetables grown in Temecula, Ca. Many of you probably know George even if you don't think you do: ever heard a bellowing voice announcing in a sing-song cadence: "Straaaaaaaaaaawwwberries! Straaaaaaaaaawwwberries! We grow 'em so you don't have to!!"

Yup, that's him. Before these last couple weeks, I had never visited or bought anything from his stand; now, after having finally perused his offerings, I can hardly admit to my earlier blindness. I've sampled nearly every strawberry possible this season, and I have to say, his have been the tastiest. But in addition to the mountain of strawberries available, he and his right-hand man Ramiro (pictured above), also have a wide array of root vegetables (carrots, beets, onions) and other veggies and spices.

I picked up a generous bushel of sweet onions, which were beautiful and delicious. Here they are:

These were exceptionally juicy and fragrant -- after lopping off the green ends for me at the market, George made sure to give us a look and a sniff. By both aroma and flavor, they seemed like a green onion hybrid. I chopped them up for an Asian-style stir-fry of beef with ginger, bok choy, broccoli and fish sauce.

Now, to report on the frozen strawberries: They look great. Just like room-temperature strawberries, but colder. Freezing them individually on the plate is obviously a convenience factor for whatever you intend to do with them, but I can't really say quite yet what the newspaper did. I'll have to ask for more information from George tomorrow.

Happy marketing!

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