Monday, April 21, 2008

The Farmer's Market Blues

It's a sad state of affairs out there, fellow marketeers, a sad, sad state. We have officially entered the much-dreaded between-season slump. Just look around the next time you go to the market: tables once overflowing with ripe, juicy citrus have just a few scrappy heaps left. Though I've still managed to scrounge up some oro blancos (from Cal Poly farms) and cara cara oranges, the range of selection (and general quality) is way, way down. That being said, the veggies continue looking good. I picked up a voluminous artichoke and sweet, sweet sugar snap peas. But the real warm-weather goodies haven't begun to pour in yet, or even trickle in for that matter. Save, the strawberries, which as I've remarked before are incredibly flavorful this year. One other fruit item I've been hankering to try is the cherimoya. I think I'll pick one up from Eden Organics next weekend.

A good friend recently reminded me of these odd fruits, one of which arrived in her weekly CSA box from Eden Organics. (If you've been considering signing up for the CSA, you should know that Eden has reached full capacity and cannot take any new subscriptions. You should still chat with them--Jenn or Paul--if you're interested, though.) Cherimoyas peak in March through April, so now is the time to try them. If you decide to do so, just make sure the fruit is firm, lacks any big brown blemishes, and is chilled before you eat it. Enjoy!


David said...

now that's a fruit I haven't heard of!

Jessica said...

David, I know, what an oddity. They are actually available down here in Southern California at supermarkets, though not too many people grow them locally. I did get one this Saturday and have begun the long ripening process -- it's wrapped in newspaper on my counter as we speak. I'll let you know how it is! But I've been informed they are an absolutely, undeniably delicious blend of a pineapple and a banana.