Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Americans (Eating) in Paris

Dear Readers, My wonderful brother, Matt, and his equally wonderful family (partner Rob and too-beautiful-for-this-world children, Cory and Addy) are casting off for a six-month stay in Europe--Barcelona, then Paris--at the end of April. To record their adventures and entertain those not lucky enough to be there with them, Matt has started a blog. Though it will cover more than just cuisine, I think I can promise all of you out there that these two incomparable foodies will tell us lots about what they eat, where they eat it, and how much of a mess the kids made while doing so. And if we're (read: they're) lucky, they'll ditch the kids once or twice to head out to eat something truly divine. I'm crossing my fingers for a firsthand review of Ferran AdriĆ”'s restaurant/s in Barcelona.
Bon voyage, boys! And blog away!

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