Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Margaritas de Fresa

A week ago this Wednesday, some of my most loyal readers and friends joined me for a tasty tonic: strawberry margaritas made with the organic berries I froze a few weeks back. And dear readers, let me tell you, a tangier, sweeter, fresher margarita has never crossed these lips. I implore you: go freeze some berries (or other types of fruit) and indulge in this pleasure.

Now, if my mixology were more "-ology" and less "mix-", I'd have a recipe with precise proportions for you, but unfortunately, that's just not the way I roll. I eyeballed each and every intoxicating batch, but aimed to obey the basic principles of traditional margarita-making: 1 part lime, 1/2 tequila, 1/2 triple sec. Though these are strawberry margaritas, I still used the juice of a few fresh limes to add some liquid as well as tang.

I'm thinking for next time, I might add mango, or maybe make it a triple-berry margarita with blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries. Whatever I do whip up, I promise I'll share the fruits of my labors with you!


Tamara said...

I can testify to their deliciousness. I had far more helpings than a nice girl should!

Jessica said...

Oh, pish posh! Impossible!