Friday, June 27, 2008

Dearest Readers

Dear Readers, It has been too long since last I wrote -- over a month in fact. What, you might ask, could merit such an absence? In fact, it was caused by my much-beloved, but time-consuming yoga teacher training at YogaWorks. You will be happy to hear, however, that I have completed the course and with rave reviews, to boot. I am happy to report that I'm back -- eating and blogging and marketing and yogifying. I even have a few items to report right now:

1. George, of strawberry fame and JRB Farms, was kind enough to bestow upon me a bushel of purple basil, which I had never had the pleasure of eating before.

Unlike its green brethren, this variety has a distinctive spiciness to it. I might even venture to say that in addition to the traditional earthy quality of basil, it had an undertone of mint, which made it delightfully summery and perfect for a cool pesto-like puree amid the early summer heat wave we just survived. Pureed with green basil, tomatoes, pine nuts, olive oil, and a hearty helping of parmesan cheese, it was a delightful, colorful variation on your typical pesto sauce.

2. Summer has officially begun at the market ... if you hadn't noticed already! I am in heaven among the nectarines, peaches, blueberries, pluots, and figs. This is the wonderful season in which the parking lot is awash in juicy samples of succulent fruits. I've actually seen some interesting hybrids I haven't seen before: the watermelon pluot, for example, has translucent green skin encasing vibrant fuchsia flesh.

3. I'm looking forward to establishing a schedule for my posts now that my life is easing back into normalcy. Please do check back during the week for coverage of tomorrow's market!

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