Monday, March 3, 2008

Donovan Sez..., Cilantro v. Chrysanthemum

This is it. The face-off you've all been waiting for: Cilantro versus Chrysanthemum. What will he devour first? Will the little-known green leaf from Yao Cheng supplant Big D's all-time favorite? Could it be?

Let's find out!
At the start, the competition stays pretty close, while Donovan weighs his options.

But, wait, before long he seems to head for something. Is it ... the cilantro?
Yes, indeed it is!

And the cilantro wins!!!!!!!! Woo!!!!

Poor chrysanthemum. It sat there all night, untouched, unloved.
For our next battle, I'm thinking cilantro v. oro blanco. Care to make a wager?


Chris said...

Ha ha good one! I wonder if this would work with kids? OK Billy which one will you eat first the brocolli or the spinach,go go go go go!

Err Bloc Tuck said...

I'm wondering if we have to start classifying cilantro a class 2 bunny narcotic...